Assistant Professor of International Relations

Updated: about 1 month ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 29 Aug 2022

The Department of Political Science at Radboud University is looking for an Assistant Professor of International Relations. Although we are looking for a broadly oriented and versatile lecturer in the field of international relations, specific expertise in the field of Asian economic and security relations, with a particular focus on international and regional organisations, is preferred.

The department’s education and research in international relations reflect the diversity of International Relations as a subdiscipline of Political Science. At the same time, they are characterised by theory-driven research and the importance of transferring diversity and theory-driven research to political science students. Education in International Relations is embedded in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Political Science, both of which are praised for their coherence and quality. Our research in International Relations is part of the broader research programme of the Department of Political Science (entitled 'Legitimacy and Institutional Change'), which focuses on two subthemes, namely (i) Conflict at the Crossroads of the Global, and (ii) National and Sustainable Democracy. Researchers also participate in faculty and inter-faculty multidisciplinary research groups.

As an Assistant Professor of International Relations, you will develop and teach courses in the domain of international relations. In particular, you will focus on the fields of Asian international relations and global governance. You will spend 55% of your time on teaching and the other 45% will be spent on research, grant writing, and valorisation.

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