Assistant Professor of Cognitive Robotics at the Donders Centre for Cognition

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 26 Nov 2022

Is it your goal to advance fundamental research in brain-inspired computing, as well as to develop new human-centered intelligent technology that improves the well-being of people? Then join one of the leading European neuroscience institutes as an assistant professor. You will delve into real robotic systems and algorithms for real-world applications, while working in a multidisciplinary environment with a diverse international staff.

The overarching goal of the department is to advance fundamental research in brain-inspired computing, broadly relevant to the research themes currently pursued by the Donders Institute, as well as to develop new human-centred intelligent technology to improve the well-being of people. We seek excellent candidates with a track record of relevant research in cognitive robotics. We are particularly interested in candidates who have experience with real robotic systems and developing algorithms for real-world applications.

You will be expected to conduct high-quality research, to apply for external funding, and to interact and collaborate with other researchers in academia and industry. You will be an inspiring member of staff, contributing to a safe and inclusive work environment. You will be expected to carry out normal teaching duties, with a reduced teaching load in the first year. As part of these duties, you will teach courses at BA and/or MA level and supervise BA and MA students.

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