Assistant professor in plasmonic-electronic devices

Updated: about 1 month ago
Deadline: 01 Nov 2021

The HMOE group is located in the Department of Molecules and Materials, Faculty of The Faculty of Science & Technology. The HMOE group develops and studies molecular-scale devices where charge transport and light-matter interactions go hand-in-hand and are important in areas of science ranging from biology, green energy and energy storage, catalysis, chemistry, physics, to nano-electronics and modern day data processing. We have developed plasmonic electronics transduces, molecular electronic plasmon sources, and multi-functional molecular switches, and we study in the detail the fundamental aspects.

The group contributes to MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, the largest research institute of the UT. The institute trains graduate students and PhD-students and conducts multidisciplinary research in the fields of photonics, nanotechnology, microsystems, materials science and microelectronics. We also make use of the Nanolab Twente, one of the best equipped academic clean room laboratories in Europe.

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