Assistant Professor in Digital Technology Entrepreneurship

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 15 Jun 2022

The Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship, in the faculty of Technology, Policy and Management of the Delft University of Technology, invites applications for a tenure track Teaching Assistant Professor in Digital Technology Entrepreneurship, beginning Fall 2022.

As an Assistant Professor in Digital Technology Entrepreneurship, you are expected to teach several courses per year for engineering students across the faculties of TU Delft and continuously develop and improve our curriculum. Your programmes and subjects help students hone their entrepreneurial skills, such as identifying opportunities, designing digital-based business models, and devising platform development or entry strategies. Teaching primarily involves coaching students working on challenge-based projects. And subjects range from entrepreneurial thinking and acting to founding a start-up. In addition, you will conduct firm-level research into best practices, educational and didactic methods, and how to implement these in university education.

With our practice-driven education, you will approach businesses and build a network in multiple sectors. Speaking with experts and identifying their challenges, you will take the lead in educational reform and further build the elective program on Digital Technology Entrepreneurship. The program intends to educate engineers who will contribute to firms' competitive edge and meet emerging client needs. The implementation of the latest digital technology is crucial. Examples are robotics for repetitive tasks, freeing up scarce professionals for more inspiring work, AI-driven remote and preventative maintenance, and the use of blockchain technology. Implementing such fundamental changes is up to future entrepreneurial engineers and decision-makers. Of course, how you tackle this is a learning curve which will help you develop your career. Our twelve-strong team of teachers and researchers at Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship will give you every support for you to evolve. We share a drive to optimise education, helping our students to implement technological changes in an entrepreneurial environment. For this, you will have our extensive entrepreneurial ecosystem at your disposal. The ecosystem includes TU Delft faculties and leading tech incubators and field labs, such as YES!DELFT and RoboHouse.

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