Assistant Director of Coaching

Updated: 3 months ago
Deadline: today

Would you like to have the ‘best job in the world?’ Are you passionate about guiding others to find their North Star and be the best they can be? Are you also committed to high quality coaching processes and ethical standards in coaching? And are you a highly trained and certified professional coach looking for a new challenge or opportunity? Then you could be our new Assistant Director of Coaching for the RSM Coaching Centre.

Job description
As Assistant Director of Coaching you will first and foremost be an individual Leadership Coach and Team/Group Coach to participants in our MBA and Corporate programmes. This entails upholding the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation as well as generally accepted social and ethical standards in work-related activities such as respecting the qualities and characteristics of every individual person, even in difficult decision processes and/or circumstances and stimulating open, honest and provocative communication and conduct within the applicable standards and values.

You will, furthermore, be responsible for the logistical and administrative quality of the delivery of coaching, working closely with the Director of Coaching/Lead Coach to ensure activities are of the highest possible standard. Your competences in planning and organisation, such as the ability to effectively determine goals, priorities and time required, indicating courses of action and resources needed to achieve particular goals, will be crucial in this part of the job.

You will also work closely with Programme Directors and Faculty who have the primary responsibility for setting programme content and this includes developing and professionalising existing operations of the coaching portfolio assigned to you by promotion of innovation and outstanding quality of service. Your ability to approach others in a well-considered manner, to build up, maintain and make use of (functional) relationships will be an asset here as well as your willingness and capacity to collaborate with others on a common goal.

You will also be responsible for the daily operations of an assigned coaching portfolio in collaboration with programme staff as well as coaches, driving to achieve the desired outcomes of quality coaching.

Furthermore, we encourage you to help identify and implement ongoing needs and improvements. If you enjoy the challenge of using your innate curiosity to discuss problems/issues with others to formulate advice and/or solutions based on experience and specific expertise in an approachable manner, you will be contributing to our mission to be a Force for Positive Change in the World!

Your daily activities and responsibilities include:
Coaching and the management of the implementation of coaching programmes in an assigned portfolio. This specifically means:

  • Fulfil the role of Professional Certified Coach for all RSM’s stakeholders (students/programme participants/alumni) either as individuals or as teams in the context of personal leadership development.
  • Manage the execution of all administrative matters and events related to coaching within the assigned portfolio.
  • Manage the team of internal/external coaches within the assigned programmes.
  • Ensure that all coaching meets the quality and accreditation requirements of the (international) coaching accreditation boards.
  • Review the coaching positioning and create implementation plans for change and improvements for efficiency and quality of the delivery of coaching if so required.
  • Manage the relationship of (internal/external) coaches to the departments they are working for.
  • Collaborate with colleagues of all RSM departments for effective client/coachee journey.

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