2 Postdocs ERC project FAST: social tipping dynamics Sustainability Transitions (# of pos: 2)

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 16 Jun 2022

We are offering 2 postdoc positions (3 years with possible extension) on the research team of the ERC project FAST. The FAST project aims to explain and model social tipping dynamics and interventions in energy transitions. Existing models that form the basis for energy transition scenarios typically do not include the positive feedbacks resulting from the interactions between civil society and energy transitions. Yet these interactions have been identified as important drivers and barriers of energy transitions and as crucial in triggering the social tipping dynamics that can accelerate the energy transition. Social tipping dynamics in energy transitions occur when a small change or intervention has a large effect on emission reductions.

Postdoc 1 will work on a discourse analysis and a cross country survey to identify the social and behavioral factors that contribute to social tipping dynamics.

Postdoc 2 will contribute to a novel class of simulation models of such social tipping dynamics.

The project combines quantitative and qualitative research approaches, and the postdocs will be part of a multidisciplinary team working on accelerating sustainability transitions. The PI of the project is Floor Alkemade and the team also includes 3 PhD students.

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