Assistant Professor in Nano-chemistry and Applied Surface Science

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Location: Morocco,
Job Type: FullTime

Assistant Professor in Nano-chemistry and Applied Surface Science

The Applied Chemistry and Engineering Research Centre of Excellence (ACER CoE) at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) invites applications for Assistant Professor in Nano-chemistry and Applied Surface Science

Description of UM6P

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) is an internationally oriented institution of higher learning, that is committed to an educational system based on the highest standards of teaching and research in fields related to the sustainable economic development of Morocco and Africa. UM6P is an institution oriented towards applied research and innovation. On a specific focus on Africa, UM6P aims to position these fields as the forefront and become a university of international standing.

More than just a traditional academic institution, UM6P is a platform for experimentation and a pool of opportunities, for students, professors and staff. It offers a high-quality living and study environment thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure. With an innovative approach, UM6P places research and innovation at the heart of its educational project as a driving force of a business model.

In its research approach, the UM6P promotes transdisciplinary, entrepreneurship spirit and collaboration with external institutions for developing up to date science and at continent level in order to address real challenges.

All our programs run as start-ups and can be self-organized when they reach a critical mass. Thus, academic liberty is promoted as far as funding is developed by research teams. The research programs are integrated from long-term research to short-term applications in linkage with incubation and start-up ecosystems.

Description of ACER-CoE

The Centre was established in early 2022 to address enduring process challenges in Chemistry and Engineering disciplines and create an environment for interdisciplinary/collaborative research. The research program of ACER CoE is multidisciplinary in nature aiming to create a platform bridging chemistry and engineering with faculty members affiliated and/or non-affiliated to other UM6P departments.

The faculty members with their research groups at ACER CoE have complementary expertise from different filed of Chemistry (inorganic, organic, electrochemistry, coordination, Polymeric, physical, analytical) combined with different filed of Engineering (chemical, process, Mechanical, electrical, etc …) to address problems in industrial, residential and transportation sectors.

Desired Skills and Experience

In order to reinforce the team, the steering committee of ACER CoE has decided to open a position for an assistant Professor in Nano-chemistry and Applied Surface Science. The candidate’s primary role is to strengthen ACER CoE Center’s competences through developing and implementing new disruptive research programs to expand scientific knowledge of UM6P in the design and development of new nanomaterials for energy-related applications.

The candidate is expected to:

  • Demonstrate profound expertise in nanotechnology and nanochemistry, specializing in surface phenomena and functional nanomaterials for energy applications.
  • Apply expertise in green chemistry and laser ablation methods for fabricating nanoparticles, nanofluids, and thin films for various technological applications.
  • Conduct computational design and molecular modeling of nanostructured materials and nanofluids using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and first principle calculations.
  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of nanoscale surface chemistry.
  • Contribute to research and development in energy conversion and storage through electrochemistry and/or electrochemical engineering in coordination with ACER CoE members.
  • Apply a strong background in the physics of optical phenomena and their use as probes of nanomaterials.
  • Multitask and work independently in multidisciplinary research teams.
  • Write competitive research grant proposals for fundraising.
  • Manage scientific projects at national and international levels.
  • Supervise/co-supervise and mentor postgraduate students.
  • Proficiently write scientific reports and papers for publication in ISI-Indexed Journals.
  • Participate in the development of undergraduate courses, master courses, and modules
  • Supervise graduate and internship students and contribute to build up a first-class research-oriented teaching and research programs at UM6P
  • Participate in department/university meetings, take part in various committees, and assist in recruitment activities

Required Qualifications

  • PhD degree in Chemistry or Material Science from a recognized program, with a strong record of research achievements demonstrated by an excellent record of publications in reputable journals
  • Between 5- 10 years of R&D experience in relation with chemical process, nanomaterials and energy-related sectors
  • Possess a strong background in wet-chemical methods, including sol–gel, co-precipitation, and hydrothermal synthesis, for nanoparticles production.
  • Strong experience dealing with the design, planification and the execution of laboratory experiments for evaluating innovative functional nanostructures and thin films for energy conversion and storage.
  • A solid background in electrical, optical, and electrochemical measurements techniques.
  • Hands-on experience in designing and building apparatuses for measuring thermo-physical properties of nanomaterials, thin films, and nanofluids.
  • Proficient in various spectroscopic techniques, including Raman and infrared vibrational spectroscopies, UV-Vis-NIR photometry, diffuse reflection spectroscopy, fluorescence and photoluminescence spectroscopies, X-ray diffraction (XRD) spectroscopy, as well as spectroscopic ellipsometry and reflectometry, for the characterization of nanomaterials and thin films.
  • Proficient in physical deposition methods, including electron beam and sputtering techniques, pulsed laser deposition (PLD), and pulsed laser ablation in liquids (PLAL), for the fabrication of thin films and nanoparticles.
  • Strong organizational skills, project management expertise, and the ability to collaborate with stakeholders, including researchers and administrative staff are crucial
  • Possess skills in strategic research planning and ability to identify competencies gaps and building/managing/leading R&D teams
  • Ability to set R&D strategies, creating technology roadmaps, fostering connections within the innovation ecosystem, and initiating collaborative research ventures with external partners
  • At least 5 years’ experience in complex projects and lab management including milestones tracking, project finance & determine current shortfalls and anticipated projects near and long-term
  • Track record of advising both undergraduate and graduate students, and an exceptional track record of peer review publications, research funding acquisition and international transdisciplinary collaborations with governmental agencies and the industry
  • Evidence of other relevant scholarly activity including research supervision, examining, editing and refereeing research grant applications as appropriate for the discipline
  • Proven ability to contribute to the supervision of postgraduate students
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of teaching experience post- graduation in a university
  • Able de develop and deliver undergraduate and graduate courses
  • Strong communication skills and contribute to academic community by delivering high-quality mentoring.

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