Post/s of Full-Time or Part-Time Research Lab Manager (Research Support Officer I) - ERA Chair Team.

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 04 Dec 2022

"BioGeMT Project - Recruitment of the Team  which will support the ERA Chair holder

The ERA Chair Team for this project will involve the recruitment of:

(i) Researchers to perform Bioinformatics research, data analysis, development of methods and pipelines for analysis, writing publications, presenting scientific findings at conferences and to the general public, teaching assistance, and any other tasks relevant to the scientific goals of the ERA Chair Team;

(ii) A Manager to assist the ERA Chair team in the organization, dissemination, and engagement of the project activities.

The team should support the work of the ERA Chair holder, to provide the necessary expertise and skills in order to promote research excellence, training, knowledge transfer, and public dissemination. "


Post/s of Full-Time or Part-Time Research Lab Manager (Research Support Officer I)

Project – “BioGeMT” Bioinformatics for Genomics in Malta

Funded by Horizon Europe

And any other projects undertaken by the ERA Chair Team.

  • Applications are invited for the post of Research Support Officer I (RSO I) to carry out duties in relation to the BioGeMT project funded by Horizon Europe, an ERA Chair Grant awarded to the University of Malta. The Research Support Officer may also be required to work on other projects undertaken by the ERA Chair Team.
  • Applicants should be in possession of at least a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Bioinformatics, IT, Management or a related subject.
  • The University of Malta is an Equal Opportunity employer.

  • The selected candidate must be living in Malta for the period of employment.
  • The post is for an initial period of 1 year, renewable yearly for up to 5 years or until the end of the project. For full-time posts, the initial remuneration will be of €20,800 per annum. For part time positions the post carries an initial remuneration of €10 per hour and the selected candidate will be expected to work an average of 20h/week. Candidates who already hold a research support officer I post at the University of Malta will start at their current salary rate in accordance with the salary structure for Research Support Officers.
  • Candidates must upload their covering letter, curriculum vitae, and certificates (certificates should be preferably submitted in English; selected candidates will be required to provide certificates in English) and contact details of at least two referees through this form by not later than Sunday, 4th December 2022.
  • Late applications will not be considered.

  • Further information may be obtained from and should you have any queries, please send us an email on .

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    Further Information

    The overall objective of BioGeMT is to merge the strengths of the University of Malta in Information and Communications Technology, Statistics, and Molecular Genetics and Genomics by setting up a bioinformatics team which will focus primarily on the development and application of methods (including machine learning) for interpreting combined genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic and phenotypic data. The position will be within the Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking (CMMB) where the ERA Chair and Team will collaborate with existing genetics and genomics research groups.

    The ERA Chair and head of the bioinformatics team will be Panagiotis Alexiou, PhD. The team will be the central point for development of novel bioinformatics methodologies, especially those relevant to the use of machine learning in the analysis of multi-Omics data, as well as standardization and automation of analysis pipelines for multi-Omic data. Team members will work closely with relevant research groups, besides clinicians and laboratory staff, on all stages of the scientific process, from proposals and project design, troubleshooting and primary analysis, up to combinatorial analysis, machine learning analysis, and publication. This interaction is expected to set-up long lasting interdisciplinary collaborations between different research teams which will lead to innovative research and analysis outcomes resulting in the publication of articles in high impact journals, and clinical applications which are rapidly translated into benefits for patients.

    Further information may be obtained by contacting Dr Jean Paul Ebejer at . The Research Support Officer may also be required to work on other projects undertaken by the ERA Chair Team.

    This position is for a research lab manager who will assist the ERA Chair team in the organization, dissemination, and engagement project activities. The ideal candidate would have a background in scientific lab management, social media / website management, and/or event management. The successful candidate will work closely with the ERA Chair and other team members to provide organizational support for the research lab (such as procurement orders, tracking research member reports) as well as maintaining project documentation. The selected candidate may be optionally involved in domain specific tasks (code repository management, hardware/software management). Additionally, the successful candidate will set up and maintain the Research Lab's website and social media presence, in collaboration with the Communications Office of the UM. Finally, the successful candidate will assist lab members with the organization and execution of public engagement and dissemination activities described in the call. Such activities include Bioinformatics Seminars and Summer Schools, Public Lectures, Conferences, Workshops, and other engagement activities with Policy Makers, Managing Authorities and Stakeholders. Part of the responsibilities of the position will be liaising with other university offices and research teams, so a scientific or computational background will be preferred.

    The ideal candidate would have a number of the following skills:

    • Experience in Lab Management (procurement, scheduling, report tracking), preferably in a Bioinformatics setting.
    • Excellent command of the English language - especially in the science domain.
    • Familiarity with the Maltese language
    • Familiarity with social media management and website management
    • Basic understanding of web design principles
    • Experience in event management (academic and otherwise)
    • Experience with grant administration
    • Experience in an academic setting
    • Experience in keeping minutes and documentation records
    • Experience with report writing in an academic setting
  • The appointee will be out the following tasks:
  • Helping the ERA Chair and Management team to compile progress and technical reports and maintain and facilitate communication with the financial officer from the Project Support Office to complete financial reports;
  • Organising team meetings and IP Protection and Commercialisation Meetings and keep records of such meetings;
  • Assisting the ERA Chair and other team members involved in the management of the project;
  • Be responsible for organising the Dissemination, Communication and Networking activities of the project;
  • Set up and maintain the social media tools which will include a project website, a Twitter Profile, a project LinkedIN account, and a Facebook profile;
  • Publicise events related to the project on the social media tools and on the public events section of Facebook;
  • Organise public outreach events including organising activities in European Researcher’s night or at Esplora.
  • Be responsible for organising dissemination to Policy Makers for example by helping the ERA Chair team present research findings to Members of Parliament through Science in the House.
  • Participate in dissemination and outreach activities as part of the project team;
  • Assist and facilitate researchers in the publication of scientific papers and participation at scientific conferences;
  • Attend project team and other meetings as required keeping minutes and records of such meetings;
  • Assist in other duties as directed by the ERA Chair.
  • The appointee will be expected to work at such places and during such hours as may be determined by the University authorities.
  • The selection procedure will involve:
  • scrutiny of qualifications and experience claimed and supported by testimonials and/or certificates (copies to be included with the application);
  • shortlisting; and
  • an interview and / or extended interview.
  • The post is for an initial period of 1 year, renewable yearly for up to 5 years or until the end of the project and will be subject to a probationary period and to the provisions of the Statutes, Regulations and Bye-Laws of the University of Malta which are now or which may hereafter be in force.
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    Msida, 21sr November 2022

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