Predoctoral position at the Quantum Information Theory Research Group

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ICFO is offering 1 Predoctoral fellowship position to well-qualified graduate students, who wish to obtain a doctoral degree in the Quantum Information Theory Research Group at ICFO.

Our PhD-program brings together top-level training and teaching for young scientists , benefiting from the extensive course offerings of local universities and focused instruction by ICFO professors, in a stimulating, international and interdisciplinary environment . PhD-students have the opportunity to take advantage of our network of excellence , consisting in partners of national and international research institutes and universities, as well as industrial partners in the field.

The successful candidate will be joining the Quantum Information Theory group led by Prof. Dr. Antonio Acín. The group has experience in understanding how quantum laws can be exploited to design novel protocols for information processing and communication, with an emphasis on quantum cryptography. The research effort goes from very abstract questions, such as security proofs of cryptographic protocols or characterising correlations beyond quantum physics, to proposals for the implementation of quantum information protocols and collaborations with experimental groups. The group activities also cover research questions in other fields, such as quantum thermodynamics, quantum foundations, quantum optics and many-body physics.

This fellowship is associated with the research project Generación de Conocimiento, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.

It is expected that quantum information technologies will have a profound impact in our society, because it will change the way we process and transmit information. Important efforts are taking place in the industrial sector, from big tech companies to start-ups, and also by public entities through large investments, such as the EU Flagship on Quantum Technologies.

The present proposal naturally integrates within this exciting and competitive scientific and technological landscape, and aims at significantly advancing our understanding of quantum phenomena and their use for quantum information applications. The planned research activity in this project is mostly on quantum information theory, but also covers other disciplines, such as the foundations of quantum theory, the study of many-body quantum systems, quantum thermodynamics and atto-physics.

The research program is structured along the four main research directions: (i) near-term quantum computing devices; (ii) thermodynamics of quantum information processing; (iii) quantum resources with no classical analogue; (iv) quantum information beyond quantum information science.

The candidate will undertake the following tasks:

  • Study how current or near-terms quantum computation devices offer a computational advantage with respect to existing classical approaches, especially for the simulation of systems of scientific and technological relevance.
  • Develop classical, possibly quantum-inspired, algorithms for this simulation and to benchmark quantum approaches.
  • Use quantum information concepts and tools to understand quantum systems of relevance in condensed matter and/or quantum chemistry.

El contrato es parte de la ayuda PID2022-137952NB-I00, financiado por MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033 y por el FSE+.

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