Junior R&T Associate in Theory and Simulation of Functional Oxides

Updated: 8 months ago
Deadline: 12 Jan 2019


Nano-structured functional oxides – such as thin films, super-lattices or nano-composites – attract great interest because of the wealth of possibilities that they offer for optimizing functional properties and even inducing new ones. The focus of the present project is on ferroelectric composites displaying negative capacitance, an exotic effect by which the voltage externally applied to a system can be amplified, within a part of the system, without any additional energy cost. We aim at better understanding and optimizing the ferroelectric negative capacitance effect. This project is a collaboration between Pavlo Zubko’s experimental group at University College London (UK) and Jorge Íñiguez’s theoretical team at LIST (Luxembourg).


In this context, we are looking for a post-doc to conduct theoretical research at LIST. More specifically, this post-doc will:

  • run atomistic simulations based on first- and second-principles methods,
  • to understand, and find ways to optimize, the properties complex ferroelectric oxides displaying negative capacitance,
  • an important goal being to support/guide the experimental efforts at UC London.

The post-doc will work under the supervision of Dr. Jorge Íñiguez (jorge.iniguez@list.lu ), whose recent work on related projects can be consulted in Google Scholar, and to whom interested candidates are welcome to address their queries.



  • The background most relevant to this position is: Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Physics, Computational Materials Science.
  • The applicants must hold a PhD


Candidates are expected to:

  • Have strong background on atomistic simulation methods
  • Be familiar with scientific programming (fortran, C, python)
  • Have good writing and communication skills
  • Knowledge of functional oxides, ferroelectrics will be an asset


  • Good spoken and written English is mandatory

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