Junior / Postdoctoral Researcher at the Stem Cell Engineering Laboratory

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 31 Mar 2022

The Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University (www.gmc.vu.lt/en/ ) is a partner institution of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (www.embl.org ) for genome editing technologies established in September 2020 with the aim to advance scientific understanding of biology and mechanisms of CRISPR as well as other antiviral defence systems. Partnership is based on the scientific and technological potential of the VU LSC in the targeted genome modification. Prof. Virginijus Šikšnys of VU LSC is one of the pioneers in the breakthrough CRISPR gene-editing technology, who did much of the early work in characterizing the molecular machinery involved in CRISPR-Cas function.

The Stem Cell Engineering laboratory is one of six inaugural research groups comprising the VU LSC - EMBL Partnership Institute, centred on developing novel genome editing technologies. Our group aims to bridge stem cell and genome engineering technologies for the creation of cell-based therapeutics and to realize their potential for the benefit of human health and society. You will build connections with international research teams, receive mentoring in scientific development and career advancement, and learn how to solve pressing biological problems with interdisciplinary strategies.

We are an institution of world-class research and study with outstanding people, a very collegial working environment and excellent up-to-date infrastructure

Your role:

• Assist the group leader with daily lab operations including ordering supplies, scheduling and coordinating lab efforts.

• Organize lab materials, order reagents, prepare lab stocks and maintain general lab safety requirements.

• Complete research activities: Prepare cell strains, clone plasmids for laboratory use. Principal techniques include molecular biology, stem cell biology, cell biology, genome engineering and bioinformatics.

• Train undergraduate and graduate students on basic experimental techniques (postdoc).

• Pursue entrepreneurial and translational aspects of our projects.

Key responsibilities:

• To plan your own work and objectives and manage your experimental work within the project along with the Supervisor.

• To communicate and coordinate experiments with collaborators.

• To introduce and apply new techniques and to have the creativity and initiative to develop novel approaches and methods where required.

• To contribute to the smooth running of the Group, including the effective use of resources, training of others and taking responsibility for use of communal facilities.

• To contribute to the innovative aspects of our research.

More information: Junior / Postdoctoral Researcher at the Stem Cell Engineering Laboratory (2) (vu.lt)

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