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Updated: 2 months ago
Deadline: 02 Dec 2022

Resolution of the Vice-Rector for Research of the Universitat Jaume I, announcing a public call to create a pool of candidates to fill vacancies for researcher specialists. to work in this organisation. Projects from the University Jaume I Research group: Institute of Advanced Materials . Electrochemical profille.

Submission of applications

The call will be published in the Official Gazette of the Valencian Autonomous Government (DOGV) and on the Official Noticeboard of the Universitat Jaume I (TAO-UJI), in the category “Convocatorias PI” [Calls for researchers]. The deadline for submission of applications is 10 working days as of the day following the publication of this call in the DOGV.

Applications must be submitted through the online registry:


In order to do so, candidates must have a UJI corporate account, a digital certificate containing an electronic signature. Anyone who does not have a UJI corporate account must register for one on the University website at: (Tools > Intranet IGLU).

The application must include the following:

In the section I STATE, literally:

“That the details provided in my application are true and that I meet the conditions for admission to the public service and the specific requirements set out herein”

In the section I REQUEST, literally:

“Admission to the selection process to create, through a simplified procedure, a pool of candidates to fill vacancies for research-related personnel. Code: 20374”

To the attention of: Human Resources Service.

The following documents must be submitted as separate PDF files attached to the online application:

  • Identity document (DNI, NIE, passport, etc.).
  • Relevant degree certificate and the corresponding academic transcript.
  • Other documents required in the call.
  • Curriculum vitae showing the merits eligible for consideration in the appendix.

Merits that are eligible for consideration must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents (merits that are not submitted with such documents before the deadline for submission of applications will not be considered).

Offer description:

A postdoctoral position is offered at the Institute for Advanced Materials (INAM; ) of the Universitat Jaume I in the framework of the European project OHPERA of the European Innovation Council, under the direction of Professors Iván Mora Seró and Sixto Giménez Juliá.

The postdoc position is available as part of the OHPERA project, with Professors Iván Mora Seró and Sixto Giménez Juliá as principal researchers. The objective of the OHPERA project is the realisation of an efficient photoelectrochemical cell for the generation of hydrogen from the oxidation of glycerol, using materials based on lead-free perosvkites. OHPERA, as a multidisciplinary project, proposes the development of heterostructures of these materials, combined with protective and catalytic layers to function efficiently, selectively and stably as photoelectrodes in photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation devices. The results are expected to have a major scientific impact on the perovskite scientific community, as the development of these materials for photoelectrochemical applications is still in its infancy.

The project requires a multidisciplinary approach from the synthesis of lead-free perovskites, their coupling with protective and catalytic layers, to the structural, chemical and optoelectronic characterisation of the materials as well as the functional (photoelectrochemical) and mechanistic characterisation of final devices. We encourage applications from senior researchers with experience related to the synthesis and characterisation of such materials and photoelectrochemical devices prepared with them who can make a strong contribution to the project.

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