Associate Professor Position, Faculty of Agriculture, Kyushu University

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Deadline: 2 Oct 2023 - 23:59 (UTC)

31 Aug 2023
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Kyushu University
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Agricultural sciences
Ethics in health sciences
Pharmacological sciences
Medical sciences
Environmental science
Biological sciences
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Established Researcher (R3)

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2 Oct 2023 - 23:59 (UTC)
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Not Applicable
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Offer Description

[Background of the recruitment and description of the project]
* Background of the recruitment and description of the project
Kyushu University is seeking an associate professor in the Laboratory of Forest Ecosystem Management (University Forest), Division of Forest Environmental Sciences, Department of Agro-environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture. This Division deals with education and research on conservation and sustainable use of forest resources towards achieving recycling-based society.

[Work content and job description]
The laboratory of Forest Ecosystem Management is located in the University Forest and studies various aspects of forest water and material cycling. The duties and responsibilities of this position are to conduct comprehensive education and research based on the evaluation on the effects of forest and green space on the landscape and environment of the watershed, and the control of the watershed environment by forest and green space management in the following fields:
1.Development of field measurement techniques for quantifying water and material cycling
2.Understanding of mechanism underlining in forest water and material cycling under changing environments
3.Development of watershed management techniques based on field measurement data and new information technology.

[Educational duties]
The successful candidate will be expected to teach the following subjects and supervise research activities at both undergraduate and graduate levels in Japanese, with some of the teaching and supervision done in English. Most of the courses are jointly taught by multiple faculty members.

(1) Graduate School of Bioresource and Bioenvironmental Sciences
・Master’s course
(Division of Forest Environmental Sciences in Department of Agro-environmental Sciences)
Forest and Forestry Sciences, Forest Environment Management, Advanced Forest Ecohydrology, Project research on Forest Environmental Sciences, Practice I on Forest Environmental Sciences, Practice II on Forest Environmental Sciences, Special research I on Forest Environmental Sciences, Special research II on Forest Environmental Sciences, Teaching practice on Forest Environmental Sciences, Presentation skill I, Presentation skill II, International Presentation skill, and other subjects
(International Course)
Forest and Forestry Sciences, Soil and Water Environment, Seminar in a Specific Field I, Seminar in a Specific Field II, Teaching Practice, Presentation skill for academic meeting I, Presentation skill for academic

* Assigned department
Existing departments

[Work location]
* Address
811-2415 Fukuoka 394, Tubakuro, Sasaguri
One of the following stations of the Kyushu University Forest;
Kasuya Research Forest (394, Tubakuro, Sasaguri, Fukuoka, JAPAN)
Shiiba Research Forest (949, Okawauchi, Shiiba, Miyazaki, JAPAN)
Ashoro Research Forest (1-85, Kita 5, Ashoro, Hokkaido, JAPAN)
Note: There is a transfer of workplace.

[Number of hired]
Number of hired:1 person(s)

Additional Information

Annual salary:5 million yen - 10 million yen
Working hours:08:30-17:15
Holidays :Every Saturday and Sunday, national holidays, and New Year’s holidays from December 29-January 3 in addition to an annual leave entitlement
Overtime and other explanations:7 hours 45 minutes, Based on Discretionary Labor System for professional work.
Employment type:Regular employee
Contract period:Tenured
Contract period description:Full-time, with a mandatory retirement age of 65
Probationary period:Probationary period present
Probationary period description:A three-month probationary period

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[Supplementary explanation of compensation]

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Kyushu University

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