Therapeutic strategies to target ATRX/DAXX activity in osteosarcoma

Updated: 4 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 29 Jun 2022

In osteosarcoma, low expression or frequent mutations of single components of the DAXX/ATRX histone H3.3 chaperon/nucleosome remodeling complex lead to increased levels of RNA:DNA hybrid related genomic stability at telomere and non-telomere sites. The project aims to understand mechanisms that recruit ATRX/DAXX to sites of RNA:DNA hybrids. In a second step, therapeutic strategies that block ATRX/DAXX recruitment to RNA:DNA hybrid sites such as telomeres will be investigated. Candidates should have experience in standard methodology related to protein-protein interaction, cancer cell biology, immunofluorescence microscopy and cell culture techniques. Specialized experience in the analysis of genomic stability and chromatin structure, analysis of DNA replication, RNA biology and experience in FISH technology are an additional plus during the candidate selection process.

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