The Evolution of Graphic Codes

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 08 Apr 2021

The post-doc position related to the subproject ‘The evolution of graphic codes’, part of the ERC INSCRIBE Project, aims to analyse the first pristine forms of writing from Mesoamerica, Egypt, China, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley and Easter Island by:
1. Creating a statistical database which compares sign commonalities and divergences in the shapes selected in the repertoires;
2. Diachronic mapping of categories or classes of sign shapes;
3. Analysis of the pre-existing iconographic substratum in regional assessment, to assess trends in local formation;
4. Cognitive approaches to the invention of writing through: a. visual perception; b. motor-neural involvement; c. Analysis of elementary shapes and critical assessment of visual cognition in the selection of shapes, be they iconic or linear/abstract;
5. Analysis of Neolithic shapes, patterns, iterations and ‘narrative’ layouts.

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