Senior fellow research position - Project Technopole for Precision Medicine Nanotec Lecce - Puglia...

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 Nov 2022

Master’s Degree in Biotechnology or Biology and professional curriculum suitable for carrying out research activities. • PhD (Minimal three years ) in Biotechnology or Biology and related subjectS

• At least 2 years of scientific experience gained after the PhD Experience , tested also by scientific publications about the following activities: ✓ advanced molecular biology techniques (CRISPR / Cas9, Sleeping Beauty transposon system, etc.) ✓ cell biology techniques (cell culture, immunofluorescence, etc.) – molecular biology and biochemical techniques (cloning, PCR, western blotting, etc.)

• Basic knowledge of Italian (for foreign candidates)

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