Role of ion channels in cellular physiopathology.

Updated: about 2 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 26 Aug 2021

The research activity will include the study of biophysical and electrophysiological properties of membrane ion channels relevant in varying physiological processes of the cell, as volume regulation, cell migration and proliferation, excitability and contractility. Using mathematical models, the biophysical behavior of ion channels will be correlated to their physiological roles. The properties and roles of ion channels will also be studied in cells derived from tissues with varying human pathologies, and compared with those found in ion channels from normal tissues, with the aim to understand the basic mechanisms leading to the pathologies of interest. The properties of ion channels will be investigated using the patch clamp technique, in conjunction with Ca2+-imaging, immunofluorescence, and various types of microscopic techniques, both in cell cultures as well as in cell models derived from healthy and pathological animal tissues.

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