Researcher, ING-IND/33 – Sistemi elettrici per l’energia

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Deadline: 20 Dec 2021

Number of positions: 1

Ruolo: Ricercatore a tempo determinate ex art. 24, comma 3, lettera b), l.240/2010

Dipartimento e sede prevalente di lavoro: Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell'Informazione

Sector of competition: 09/E2 – Ingegneria dell’energia elettrica

Scientific Disciplinary Sector: ING-IND/33 – Sistemi elettrici per l’energia

Nome Progetto: Integration of technological and management innovation for the development of electric energy systems

Idea Progettuale: The research project focuses on the analysis of methods to promote the integration of innovative technologies and energy management measures in order to support the evolution scenarios of electrical energy systems. In particular, the development of the activity is aimed at improving the performance of distributed resources, including multi-energy ones, of storage systems and solutions for the management of electric mobility, as well as the definition of methods of supplying service regulation of power electricity grids at different voltage levels. To this purpose, ways of reducing grid limitations and their influence on energy markets will be considered, within the framework of the planning of electricity systems, defining possible investments at a centralized and distributed level in order to achieve the environmental and energy objectives set out in national and regional policies. 

Campo principale di ricerca: PE7 Systems and communication engineering : Engineering Electrical, electronic, communication, optical and systems engineering

Sottocampo di ricerca: PE7.2 Electrical Engineering: power components and/or systems

Dettagli dell’impegno di ricerca (obiettivi della produttività scientifica e relative caratteristiche qualitative): The researcher will develop methodologies and tools for the analysis, control and optimization of systems for integrating distributed energy resources, storage systems and electric mobility systems, developing solutions for integrated management according to the microgrid paradigm, with structures in alternating current and direct current and multi-energy contexts, as well as studying the interactions with the distribution and transmission networks and with the energy markets and ancillary services. Furthermore, the researcher will analyze the impacts of the energy-environmental evolutionary scenarios and the supply of various kinds of services on the coordinated development of power systems, through network studies and technical-economic planning methodologies. The research results will be presented in scientific papers of an adequate level for publication in prestigious international journals and conference proceedings, such as IEEE, Elsevier, IET-Wiley, MDPI journals and conferences.

Dettagli dell’impegno didattico: The researcher is required to teach a minimum of 6 ECTS. Subjects will belong to the sector SSD ING-IND/33 (Electric Power System)

Attività di didattica e di didattica integrativa: The selected candidate will be involved in teaching activities on subjects related to Electric Power Systems, in Undergraduate, Master of Science, and PhD courses in the framework of the Department course plan.

Servizio agli studenti: Tutoring, teaching assistance, laboratory, thesis and training projects.

Codice int. procedura:RUTDb.DEI.21.22

Il testo integrale del bando sopra specificato, contenente – tra le altre – le indicazioni dei requisiti di ammissione, le modalità di presentazione delle domande e dei relativi titoli, la composizione della commissione valutatrice, le modalità di svolgimento della selezione, è consultabile su apposita sezione del sito web del Politecnico di Bari, all’indirizzo

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