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Deadline: 13 Dec 2021

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Ruolo: Ricercatore a tempo determinate ex art. 24, comma 3, lettera b), l.240/2010

Departement: Department of Civil Engineering Sciences and Architecture


Scientific Disciplinary Sector: ICAR/13 INDUSTRIAL DESIGN

Nome progetto: Theories and methods, techniques and tools, for the design of tangible and intangible artifacts.

Idea progettuale: The research will focus on theories and methods, techniques and tools for the design of tangible and intangible artifacts, considered in the relationship between innovation and tradition, with specific attention to cultural and social contexts. The candidate's profile envisages the development of a research pathway capable of outlining original reflections on the themes of material culture, understood as a heritage of reference that is able to influence the languages of tangible and intangible artifacts, as an expression of a design that is critical on the processes of globalization. This research pathway envisages the possession of specific theoretical, didactic and applicative-design skills, typical of design thinking as an interdisciplinary practice, developed in theoretical-critical and design courses and workshops of the SSD of reference.

Campo principale di ricerca (coincidente con l’idea progettuale assegnata): The development of theories and methods, techniques and tools for the design of tangible and intangible artifacts understood through their capability to connect tradition and innovation.

Sottocampo di ricerca: Contextual design.

Dettagli dell’impegno di ricerca (Objectives of the scientific productivity): scientific articles and monographs, in relation to the project topic with national and international value. Collaboration in the design and execution of research projects.

Dettagli dell’impegno didattico: Assignment of 6 “Credits” (Italian University evaluation system, her in after referred to as CFU) in courses, belonging to the competitive sector, according to the needs of the educational offering, in particular in the Industrial Design Degree and in the Master Degree in Industrial design of the Polythecnic University of Bari.

Attività di didattica e di didattica integrativa: Seminars, workshops, support to the sector courses of the Polythecnic University of Bari particularly in the Degree of Industrial Design and in the Master Degree of Industrial design for the Polythecnic University of Bari.

Servizio agli studenti: Relational skills, assistance to courses and thesis, in particular for the international students.

Codice int. procedura: RUTDb.DICAR.21.06

Il testo integrale del bando sopra specificato, contenente – tra le altre – le indicazioni dei requisiti di ammissione, le modalità di presentazione delle domande e dei relativi titoli, la composizione della commissione valutatrice, le modalità di svolgimento della selezione, è consultabile su apposita sezione del sito web del Politecnico di Bari, all’indirizzo

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