Production of bio-based materials in a third generation bio-refinery fed with organic waste and...

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 28 Nov 2022

A third generation bio-refinery will be developed in a perspective of circular economy. To achieve this objective, processes will be identified and specific reactors developed, with a view of environmental sustainability, which will make it possible to select and use organic waste and by-products of agro-industrial origin. From the selected biomasses, will be extracted specific compound to be used for the production of biopolymers, as active substances in food and feed production, as cosmetics and/or as plant protectors and bio-stimulants. Finally, the anaerobic digestion of residual biomass will be proposed for the production of energy and the effluent, after composting, as bio-fertilizer in soil. In conclusion, the project aims to recovery new biobased materials, active compounds, energy and biofertilizers. The third generation bio-refinery will be fed with organic by-products and wastes of agro-industrial origin

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