PRELOC - Building local preparedness to global crises. The relationship between preparedness,...

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 14 Sep 2021

The research addresses the theoretical and practical aspects in the Italian context of preparedness as a framework for intervention and logic of public action in the face of crisis and disaster situations. It privileges a transformative approach to preparedness, that is focused on promoting widespread infrastructures for socio-ecological care of the territory and widespread infrastructures for sharing data and knowledge. At the centre is the territory and those local actors who carry out widespread socio-ecological care activities and can grasp early signs of anomalies as well as to identify potential vulnerabilities of territorial systems. These sentinel-actors are the key actors to ensure a prompt response, due to their in-depth knowledge of the territory and its dynamics. Through case studies (in the health and agriculture sectors, in Italy) and the continue collaboration of involved actors, the research will specify and test this conceptualization of transformative preparedness.

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