orests in Military: Historical GIS for case studies in the Southeastern United States

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 21 Oct 2021

The research aims to analyze the role of forests in the context of military geography through two main case studies. The first case study will analyze the forest that covers a large part of Fort Jackson Military Base, the largest and most active army military training base in the US, located in Columbia (SC). The main objectives are the study of the evolution of the forest from the pre-colonial period to the current training activities and the analysis of the interactions between anthropogenic activities, the forest, geomorphology and soils. The research will mainly focus on written and cartographic documents, historical photographs, and remote sensing data.
The second case study will focus on the role of South Carolina forests in the American Civil War, in particular, exploring how forests hindered / benefited the Unionist advance and Confederate defense.

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