Open position for a Mammalian cell culture Lab specialist at UNINA (ERC funded project)

Updated: 2 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Jan 2023

The highly motivated candidate should have taken his/her Ph.D. degree within the past 6 years in one of the following areas: Clinical and Experimental Medical Sciences, Molecular Medicine, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biology, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, and areas related to drug discovery or similar fields. 2-5 years of relevant experience in cell culture in academia or cell biology industry will be evaluated favorably.

The candidate must be interested in cellular immunology and biology techniques with skills in cell cultures, biochemical and immunological assays. He/She must be able to conduct research aimed at drug discovery and development, using biochemical and basic cellular immunology assays.

The ideal candidate must be capable of performing cell culture techniques: cell counts and other assays (e.g., mycoplasma testing) as needed to ensure the quality of cell preparations; plating and freezing storage of various cell lines (preferably: HEK, THP1, RAW 264.7, Caco2, HT29-MTX-E12, SHYH5Y); transfecting cells with the desired gene(s); stimulation and evaluation of the results by using these cell models; setting and use of co-culture system(s) (2D model) such as Caco2-RAW 264.7, Caco2-HT29-MTX-E12 cells and Caco2-SHSY5Y and monolayer differentiation of gut membrane.

The candidate should be able to perform: RNA and Protein extraction, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, Spectrophotometric protein quantification assays, immunohistochemical staining, ELISA, RT-PCR, TEER measurement; Nitric Oxide Colorimetric Assay; MTT vitality assay, fluorescent-activated cell sorting (FACS), and confocal microscopy. Basic knowledge of 3D organoid cultures will be considered favorably.

This role requires an individual with a proven track record in research, combined with the ability to manage a team and resolve technical issues.

We will consider as an advantage:

• Ability to work on tight deadlines with a sense of urgency

• Experience with Standard Operating Procedures when performing lab functions, maintaining paperwork and batch records, but also working independently and collaboratively as needed to accomplish goals.

• Strong problem-solving attitude.

• Ability to disseminate scientific results (papers, conferences,..)

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