n. 1 SENIOR RESEARCH FELLOW according to part. 24, par. 3, let. b), L. 240/2010 at Department of...

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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 18 Mar 2021

Selective procedure for the calling of a Senior Research fellow, according to art. 24, paragraph 3, letter b), of the Law nr. 240/2010, for the Academic Recruiting Discipline 09/G1 – Systems and control engineering, Academic Discipline ING-INF/04 – Systems and control engineering, at Department of Information Engineering. Maximum number of scientific papers to be submitted: 12 (twelve). Title: Data-driven techniques for estimation, identification and control
Program of research: The incumbent will perform research activity in the field of data-driven system identification and control. In identification, a central objective of the study will be concerned with the determination of parametric regions with probabilistic guarantees, also in relation to their use in control and monitoring systems. In the area of control, the research will focus on data-driven methods, including the study of the mechanisms by which are acquired as well as the use of the data to determine probabilistic coefficients of risk to be used in the supervision and tuning of the control system. The incumbent will entertain scientific collaboration with industrial partners and with research groups in academia at an international level with the goal of performing joint research and to establish connections for the submission of research proposals.
Teaching activity: The teaching activity will regard courses in the SSD ING-INF/04 "Automatica" and it will include the organization and delivery of tutorial classes and the preparation of tests, besides the responsibility of the courses for which the incumbent will be the main instructor. The incumbent will also supervise masters and PhD students.

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