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Job Type: Temporary
Deadline: 06 Dec 2022

The service referred to in this call for applications is a self-employed assignment with the obligation to perform the service personally in technical and organisational autonomy, without any constraint of subordination.

The winners of the public selection will be paid their gross remuneration:

For activity 1 (consultation of databases) of € 100, each assignment;

For activity 2 (entering information on online form) of €35 per judgment entered, up to a specified maximum per country:

-France, Germany, Poland, Spain: maximum 60 judgments

-Netherlands, Sweden: maximum 50 judgments

-Ireland, Belgium, Hungary: maximum 40 judgments

-Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Portugal: maximum 30 judgments

-Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania: maximum 20 judgments

-Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia: maximum 10 judgments

-Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta: maximum 5 judgments

For Activity 3 (drafting reports on selected judgments) of € 250 per report: .

France, Germany, Poland, Spain: maximum 5 reports

- Netherlands, Sweden: maximum 4 reports

- Ireland, Belgium, Hungary: maximum 3 reports - Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Portugal: maximum 2 reports

- Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania: maximum 2 reports

- Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta: maximum 1 report

The payment of the envisaged amount will take place in a single instalment at the end of end of activity, according to the activity carried out, subject to a written declaration by the project leader of the effective and regular performance of the activity envisaged and upon presentation of appropriate tax documentation, where required.

The contract for this collaboration cannot be concluded with:

➢ the staff of the University of Turin;

➢ persons voluntarily leaving the service of the University of Turin with the right to an early retirement pension (Article 25 of Law no. 724 of 23/12/1994);

➢ persons who have voluntarily left the service of another public or private body with the right to an early retirement pension and who have had a working or employment relationship with the University of Turin in the five years preceding the termination date (Article 25 of Law no. 724 of 23/12/94);

➢ those who have a degree of kinship or affinity, up to and including the fourth degree, with a professor belonging to the teaching structure or with the rector, the director general or a member of the university's board of directors, pursuant to Article 18, paragraph 1, letters b) and c) of Law no. 240/2010;

➢ persons who find themselves in a situation, even potential, of conflict of interest with the University of Turin;

➢ in all other cases provided for by law.

Applicants are advised to pay attention to the following application procedure.

The candidate shall fill in the form with the relevant data. If the candidate is not an Italian citizen, the field “Codice fiscale” can be simply filled with: 0000000000000000.

The following documents shall be attached to the form:

• Signed CV

• Valid ID

• Certificate of the Master degree, with evaluation;

• Self-certification of previous experiences such as internships, trainings, publications (title, author/s, publisher, year of publication, abstract), expertise in foreign languages and other relevant experience to the content of the call;

• A signed and date-stamped copy of the privacy informative pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR Regulation, that can be found in attachment to the call (“Allegato 1”) The candidates will receive the filled-in form via email. To complete the application, the Candidates shall print out the filled-in form, sign it and forward a digital copy of the signed form to the following address: incarichi.cle@unito.it .

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