Development of a database of biophysical parameters from 3D models of stem cells deriving from...

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 05 Nov 2020

Cell therapy and regenerative medicine are newly developed fields that offer innovative therapeutic approaches for the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. In this context, stem cells possess certain properties and characteristics that make them excellent candidates as potential tools for cell therapy.
In order to be considered stem cells, cells must meet certain criteria verified in vitro and in vivo. In particular, in the phase of setting up cellular models in vitro, three-dimensional (3D) cultures of multicellular spheroids can represent a tool for studying and verifying the biological and molecular interactions that are the basis for defining the structure of the stem cell niche.
In this context, the aim of this project is to create a database on different cell types based on the collection of a series of biophysical and morphological dimensional parameters.

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