Control Electronics for Integrated Photonic Circuits 2022_RTDA_DEIB_13

Updated: 3 months ago
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 18 Jul 2022

The position involves the design of innovative electronic platforms for the acquisition and processing of signals from multiple sensors placed in integrated photonic chips (SiP) for the control and stabilization of the functionality of the photonic circuits themselves. The activity includes the creation of multi-channel ASICs in scaled technologies, to meet the needs of parallelism and miniaturization, and the engineering of entire analog-digital electronic platforms managed by FPGAs for global control and to program their operation. The candidate will also be required to anticipate the trend of electronic-photonic convergence underway in the world, with innovative contributions in the integration of electronic circuits directly into the photonic chip to better address the emerging applications related to 6G telecommunication systems, phase imaging apparatus and quantum optical computers.

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