Computerized, Adaptive and Personalized Assessment of Executive Functions and Fluid Intelligence

Updated: 2 months ago
Deadline: 14 Oct 2022

The project deals with the computerized, adaptive, and personalized assessment of executive functions
(EF) and fluid intelligence (FI) . The objectives of the project are: (1) Significantly improving and integrating methods, instruments, and tests for the assessment of cognitive, functional, and socio-cultural components of EF and FI; (2) Providing a new approach, based on knowledge space theory and problem space theory, for the construction of tests for the
adaptive assessment of EF and FI; (3) Comparing the “standard” scoring procedures and the new procedures
with respect to the accuracy of the assessment, the capability of discriminating among individuals and predictive
power; (4) Developing a web-based platform prototype that administers the tests, collects and analyzes the data,
and provides personalized reports with results of the multidimensional assessment and suggestions for
rehabilitation for those disorders with impaired EF and FI.

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