Bruno Trentin and Europe in a changing world. From the National Secretariat of the CGIL to the...

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Deadline: 11 Feb 2021

The research program aims to reconstruct the political action of Bruno Trentin from the National Secretariat of the CGIL (1988-1994) to the election to the European Parliament (1999-2004). In an international phase marked by profound political and economic transformations - the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the end of the Cold War, the reunification of Germany, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Maastricht Treaty, the full unfolding of globalization and the "third industrial revolution", the he political action of Trentin contributes decisively to Italy's entry into the single currency, he talks with the President of the European Commission Jacques Delors, he is committed to the community institutions for the construction of a political and social Europe.

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