Bottom-up modelling of synthetic cells displaying emergent properties

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 04 Jun 2021

The aim of this research project is the development of new theoretical models for future experimental approaches to the preparation and functionalization of cytomimetic chemical systems with a high degree of supramolecular and systemic-functional organization. These systems aim to be used both as a theoretical-experimental model of biological cells and for the development of new biotechnologies. In particular, here we refer to lipid vesicles or other bio-mimetic compartments that encapsulate functional molecules in their inner space. The system will be designed and studied in order to show – even partially – its emerging properties such as autonomy, self-production (autopoiesis), chemical information processing, coordinated-collective behaviors, and environment perception. Research is multidisciplinary and it is based on ‘systems chemistry’ approaches; it will be only theoretical/computational.

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