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Updated: about 1 month ago
Deadline: 19 May 2021

Attract & Kill technique relies on luring pest insects in a definite area, where they are killed by localized insecticide applications. This technique could represent a new tool for fruit growers to control the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), an invasive species which has been causing severe damages in orchards in Northern Italy. Attract & Kill must be employed only in an integrated pest management (IPM) perspective along with other control methods, such as insecticide treatments and biological control agents. The research fellow will participate to studies aimed at evaluating the impacts of Attract & Kill technique on the abundance of BMSB in agroecosystems of Emilia-Romagna region. Moreover, the research fellow will plan e perform experiments to check the compatibility of several methods for BMSB control in an IPM strategy.

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