AOPs-related morphological and molecular analyses in in vitro 3D biological barirers exposed to...

Updated: about 2 months ago
Deadline: 02 Feb 2021
Molecular and morphological studies aimed at characterizing the Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) related to the exposure to nanoparticles and nano-enabled products of metal and polymeric structure. In vitro 3D systems of the primary barriers (pulmonary, skin, intestinal) will be prepared using human cell co-cultures. They will be exposed to the nanomaterials under physiological conditions representative of the in vivo conditions (artificial sweat, exposure at the air-liquid interface in presence of the pulmonary surfactant, etc…). Afterwards, biochemical and molecular analyses will be performed to evaluated the toxicological pathways related to oxidative stress and inflammatory events. The cell cultures will be finally analysed by light and electron microscopy, also applying correlative microscopy techniques to characterize the nano-bio-interaction modalities

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