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Deadline: 16 Mar 2023

We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher/Ph.D. student to join our Microbiome-Host interactions lab. Diet profoundly impacts our physiology and health, and the gut microbiota mediates some dietary effects. Our lab strives to understand the molecular mechanisms at play in the interface of the diet-microbe-host interactions. Specifically, we are interested in studying diet-induced post-translational modifications to decipher novel mechanisms affecting bacterial activity inside the host.

Another primary interest in the lab is studying bacterial modulation of cancer immunotherapy. The gut microbiota was reported to affect cancer immunotherapy in melanoma patients. However, the molecular mechanisms that drive this phenomenon are far from understood, partly due to the exclusive use of metagenomics to infer functional insights. We study the metaproteomic level that is better in deciphering not only “Who” is in the sample but also “what” they are doing. We hope that unraveling metabolic pathways and metabolites altered in immunotherapy responders vs. non-responders will lead to novel therapeutics to augment immunotherapy responses.

The Lobel lab specializes in cutting-edge technologies such as next-generation sequencing, metagenomics, metaproteomics, metabolomics, flow cytometry, and conventional and gnotobiotic mouse models. The Lobel lab has assembled a multidisciplinary team of clinical collaborators who fuse the creativity of academics with patients’ samples to create highly relevant research to abridge the bench-to-bedside gap.

Research Field: Biological sciences
Education Level: Master/Ph.D. Degree or equivalent
Skills/Qualifications: A highly motivated microbiologist/immunologist who desires to make an impact in the field of host-microbiome interactions. Candidate should be able to lead the project independently with high dedication and responsibility and should have a strong work ethic.
The candidate is expected to be a team player capable of working in a fast-paced research environment.
Prior experience in next-generation sequencing (NGS) or Proteomics is required.
Knowledge in molecular biology (e.g., qRT-PCR) or protein work (e.g., Western blotting) is required.
Prior experience with mice handling is essential.
One first-author publication, preferably in a high-quality journal, is required.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their CVs and cover letter to Dr. Lior Lobel – .

Languages: ENGLISH
Level: Excellent

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