Post Doctoral Researcher in Crystal Engineering – Specific Purpose Contract

Updated: about 1 month ago
Location: Limerick, LEINSTER
Deadline: 09 Jun 2020

The Laboratory of Prof Mike Zaworotko currently works on metal-organic materials (MOMs), especially microporous and ultramicroporous sorbents, and multi-component pharmaceutical materials (MPMs) such as cocrystals, hydrates and ionic cocrystals are of particular interest. These advanced materials are aimed at addressing global challenges such as carbon capture, water purification and better medicines.

Funding comes from a variety of sources, including SFI, the Irish Research Council, the European Commission and industry partners.

The post-doctoral researcher will design and characterise new materials and evaluate whether these materials are suitable for further development. They will also engage in collaborations with academic and industrial partners and mentor junior team members in the crystal-engineering laboratory of Prof Mike Zaworotko.

The person should have excellent experimental skills and a strong ability to communicate with both academic and industrial collaborators.

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