Immunoassay Development Senior Scientist

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Location: Ireland,
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 21 Jan 2021

RemedyBio Background

RemedyBio’s business is centered on commercially deploying our discovery capability, which forms the foundation of the current frontier of biological insight- understanding the myriad intricate interactions between the huge numbers of different cells involved in normal and disease states. These insights will yield a new paradigm for developing a whole range of entirely novel diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities.

Role Description

Key technical role responsible for providing or overseeing the design, analysis, administration and oversight of scientific studies, programs involving immuno- and cell assay development to support our therapeutic discovery platform. The individual will be responsible for activities such as developing functional biochemical and cell-based screening/reporter assays for biologics selection, as well as screening and validation of lead candidates. They will be responsible for new assay biologics discovery progress and completion and will perform other duties related to laboratory performance and efficiency as assigned to support the overall objective of the position. A successful candidate should have a thorough knowledge of mammalian cell culture and cell-based assay development and ideally have hands on experience in development of functional assay development, especially for infectious disease, immuno-oncology and autoimmune disease applications. 


·       PhD in Biological Sciences (Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology or related field) with 3 years’ experience, or MSc with 5+ years of industry experience.

·       Experience in immunology, infectious disease, development of antibody-based and/or cellular assays is essential

·       Hands on experience in mammalian cell culture is essential

·       Hands-on experience with plasma and PBMC Isolation is highly desirable

·       Proficient in flow cytometry or microscopy is highly desirable

·       Direct hands-on experience with primary cell culture (PMBC, B cells) is highly desirable

·       Experience with transient and stable expression of proteins in HEK293 and CHO cells and antibody production (small scale) and purification (affinity, SEC) methods is desired.

·       Experience in the fields of immunotherapies and gene/cell therapies, and/or viral infectious diseases is desired

·       The position requires good knowledge of theories and principles of biology/immunology and protein chemistry techniques, such as but not limited to, immunoassays, cell-based assays, mammalian cell culture, primary cell culture, single cell analysis and recombinant protein expression and optimisation.

·       Experience in the following areas would be an asset: virus neutralisation assays, design of in vitro antibody/cell therapy validation experiments, antibody affinity measurement, handling of hybridoma or B cells to generate monoclonal antibodies

·       Open to learn new techniques and implement them in the group and experience working within a cross-functional therapeutic program team

Key words

Functional assay development, B cells, mammalian cell culture, PBMC, high-throughput antibody discovery, cell-based assay development, kinetics,

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