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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 15 Sep 2022

Exploring the molecular impact of intermittent dietary restriction in humans

Dietary restriction slows ageing, has a positive impact on health, and increases lifespan in model organisms. In humans, dietary restriction also has beneficial effects, but a lot remains to be elucidated. The FastBio (Fasting Biology) project aims to identify the molecular impact of intermittent dietary restriction by addressing multiple molecular phenotypes and primary cell responses in vitro in individuals who follow a restricted diet for ~200 days annually. FastBio includes the study of genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic, metabolomic, proteomic and gut microbiome data and molecular signatures are compared to those from the general population. Our goal is to integrate data across molecular phenotypes in order to uncover comprehensive biological signatures linking dietary restriction to pathways underlying longevity, cellular ageing, and to risk for age-related disease. In parallel, we are addressing the functional consequences of dietary restriction through the study of immune system cells and of their enhanced responses in vitro.

We are seeking a motivated, curious postdoctoral researcher to study specific cell populations from PBMCs in vitro. Candidates must have experience in cell culture of primary immune cells and in flow cytometry-based techniques (e.g. immunophenotyping, cell sorting). This position would be ideal as a career development opportunity.

Our group is based at the “Alexander Fleming” Biological Sciences Research Center in Vari, close to Athens, in Greece. The project is funded through an ERC grant and the group’s research is interdisciplinary, covering human genomics, systems biology, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, and molecular biology. Informal requests for more information are welcome. Please contact Dr Antigone Dimas at dimas@fleming.gr and at +30 210 9656310 (ext 143). Expressions of interest (CV and cover letter, indicating position code: 202207_EoI_FastBio) should be sent to the above email address. Deadline for submission is 15 September 2022 but we are seeking to fill in the positions the soonest possible - early applications are encouraged.

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