Postdoctoral research associate in the framework of the implementation of the «Microglia-driven...

Updated: 8 months ago
Deadline: 18 Jan 2019

In the framework of the implementation of the style='font-size:11.0pt;color:black'>«Microglia-driven pathology and altered surveillance in

demyelination»lang=EN-US style='font-size:11.0pt;color:#212121'> Act 1156, which is part of the Action «style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>1st INVITATION OF THE HELLENIC FOUNDATION FOR RESEARCH AND INNOVATION FOR SYPPORTING POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHERSstyle='font-size:11.0pt;color:black'>»,style='font-size:11.0pt;color:#212121'> the Hellenic Pasteur Institute in Athens intends to employ a postdoctoral research associate with a fixed-term employment contract and invites people with the following qualifications to express their interest:

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