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The Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research is a research institute of the Leibniz Association and an internationally renowned institute in the field of aerosol and cloud research.

Wanted: 3 Scientists (f/m/d)

for the aerosol chamber (ACD‐C) of the Atmospheric Chemistry Department (ACD).

The Atmospheric Chemistry Department (ACD) of the Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research e.V. (TROPOS) in Leipzig is looking for three enthusiastic scientists (f/m/d) for its high‐end aerosol chamber (ACD‐C).

ACD‐C, with its twin chamber setup, consisting of two identical cylindrical aerosol chambers made of Teflon FEP, with volumes of 19 m3 each is a unique research infrastructure equipped with a variety of online and offline measurement instrumentation to study atmospherically relevant processes under controlled and well‐defined conditions (‐infrastructures‐ technology/technology‐at‐tropos/aerosol‐research‐facilities/aerosol‐chamber‐experiments). Processes studied up to now include degradation mechanism of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formation processes of secondary organic aerosol (SOA), multiphase chemistry, chemical composition in the gas and particle phase and their toxicological effects of formed SOA.

Job description 1:

Temporary 1 year

Weekly working time: 40 hours Salary: TV‐L pay group 13

The scientific topics mentioned before are now extended within the DFG‐ funded project AEROVIR by aerosol chamber experiments on the time‐dependent physicochemical and virological behavior of virus‐loaden aerosol particles. These experiments will serve to investigate in detail the transmission path of viruses via aerosol particles and will be carried out in close cooperation with experts in the field of virology at both the University Medicine Leipzig (Universitätsklinikum Leipzig, UKL) and the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig.

Job description 2:

Temporary 3 years

Weekly working time: 40 hours Salary: TV‐L pay group 13

Subject to approval by the BMBF, the project KapaVir is aiming on aerosol chamber experiments on the degradation of particle‐borne viruses indoors under variation of environmental conditions represent an important central component of the overall joint project BeCoLe (UVC air disinfection indoors). The experiments serve, on the one hand, to evaluate for the first time the air disinfection potential of the UVC‐ technology with regard to coronaviruses and, on the other hand, the effects on the ambient air prevailing in the respective scenario (e.g. formation of undesirable by‐products).

Job description 3:

Temporary 4.5 years

Weekly working time: 26 hours Salary: TV‐L pay group 13

Besides this current health‐oriented research the ACD aerosol chamber currently undergoes its implementation as a National Facility embedded into the framework of the implementation phase of ACTRIS‐D for a fraction of its use. ACTRIS‐D is the German contribution to the pan‐European research infrastructure ACTRIS (Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure) (‐infrastructures‐technology/coordinated‐observations‐ and‐networks/actris).

General duties:

As part of the ACD‐C staff and its research projects together with the further upgrade of the facility the successful applicants will take on the following:

  • Scientific planning, implementation and evaluation of the research projects related aerosol chamber experiments on the transmission of viruses by aerosol particles based on the investigation of virus‐loaden aerosol particles under variation of experimental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and chemical composition of the seed aerosol particles

  • Concrete experimental work at ACD‐C, ability to perform the chamber runs, to operate all attached scientific apparatus, evaluate measured data and fulfill QA/QC

  • Preparation of concrete measurements plans for ACD‐C with in assigned usage slots

  • Timely as well as top quality publication of results. In‐person dissemination of results at conferences worldwide as well as personal exchanges with collaborating laboratories world‐wide

  • Scientific support of the installation, commissioning and maintenance of (new) analytical measuring instrumentation in the field of gas phase and particle analysis in real‐time operation, including trace gas analyzers (NOx, O3, SO2) and high‐resolution mass spectrometers (PTR‐MS, AMS, APi‐ToF‐MS) within the scope of ACTRIS‐D

  • Supervision of doctoral, master ́s and bachelor ́s students thesis work at the chamber

  • Development of future project ideas and acquisition of third‐party funds

  • Collaborate with ACD’s scientist in charge of analytical chemistry, instrumental realtime chemical speciation measurements, kinetics and mechanism’s and multiphase modelling sub‐ groups

This is what we expect from you:

  • Successfully completed PhD, preferably in chemistry (or comparable scientific fields), ideally with extensive, successful and responsible activity in the field of atmospheric chemistry after completing the PhD

  • Proven knowledge in performing aerosol chamber experiments and in handling of analytical online and offline measuring devices (trace gas analyzers, high‐resolution mass spectrometers also in combination with chromatographic separation techniques) for the determination of chemical gas phase compounds and particle constituents

  • Publication history in established high‐ranking international journals

  • A committed and independent way of working, as well as very good communication and team skills are required

  • Programming skills are an advantage (e.g. Labview, Python, C++, Fortran)

  • Knowledge in the use of data evaluation software desirable (Igor, MATLAB, R)

  • Experience in successfully acquiring third‐party funding

  • Professional/excellent scientific English writing skills

The ideal starting date for all 3 positions would be January 2022.

We offer you an exciting job with a varied activity in an interdisciplinary working environment and a variety of work and family offers as well as flexible working hours and daycare places.

The employment is temporary with the respective hours / week. Remuneration is provided at TV‐L pay group 13, including the attractive social benefits of the public sector. In order to increase the proportion of female employees in scientific and science‐related positions, we hereby specifically invite female candidates to apply. People with severe disabilities have priority in the hiring process if they have the same suitability, aptitude and professional qualifications.

If you are interested, please send your complete and informative application documents (including references) by 30/11/2021 exclusively by e‐mail in one coherent PDF document to bewerbung(at) .

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this job offer: Prof. Hartmut Herrmann, 034127177024, herrmann(at) ; Dr. Falk Mothes, 034127177111, mothes(at) .

By submitting the application documents by e‐mail, the applicant agrees to the storage/processing of personal data in accordance with Art. 13 DSGVO for the purpose of selection for this job advertisement. The risks of sending documents electronically are hereby pointed out.

You can find more information about TROPOS on the homepage .

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