Research Associate for the Project “SOVEREIGN” in the Field of IT-Security, Security Monitoring, and Collective Cyber-Defense for Critical Infrastructures PhD - Individual Supervisor, 1-2 Year Research Stay

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Deadline: <!----><!---->1-2-year stay within the framework of a doctorate


The activity includes the scientific collaboration in the third party funded project "SOVEREIGN: Technologisch souveräne Security-Monitoring- und Cyber-Defense-Plattform für kritische und komplexe Infrastrukturen“ (technological sovereign security monitoring and cyber defense platform for critical and complex infrastructures). The focus is on the development of a collaborative and privacy-friendly platform for the detection and defense of attacks on critical and complex infrastructures. Together with other project partners, this platform will be designed, implemented, analyzed, and evaluated. In addition, the position holder will continuously contribute to the publication and presentation of research and project results. As a research-intensive department, our research results are also directly incorporated into teaching.

More specifically, own research in the scope of the project can fall into the following categories:

  • scalable security monitoring and intrusion detection to detect targeted attacks and APTs
  • statistical and AI-based methods to detect, assess, and forecast the further course of targeted attacks
  • privacy-friendly methods to create and exchange threat intelligence information (tactics, techniques, procedures, and cases) also in the form of machine learning models (federated learning) that for example describe a certain component/subsystem
  • methods for (semi-)automatic network defense that can adapt to and stop (targeted) attacks

The project’s runtime is one year only, but subject to the approval of further funding, it will be extended by another three years.

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