Doctoral Researchers (f/m/d) in Computational and Data SciencePhD - Individual Supervisor

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Time Span

as soon as possible for 3 years

Application Deadline

17 Apr 2023

Areas of study

Architecture, Historic Preservation, Interior Architecture, Civil Engineering, Timber Construction, Steel Construction, Hydraulic Engineering, Mining, Geotechnical Engineering, Mine Surveying, Bioengineering, Bionics, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Technology, Printing Technology, Media Technology, Packaging Technology, Automation Technology, Electrical Power Engineering, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Precision Engineering, Information Technology, Communications Technology, Microelectronics, Microsystems Technology, Communications Engineering, Sensor Technology, Measurement Technology, Power Engineering, Renewable Energies, Nuclear Technology, Power Plant Technology, Automotive Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Facility Management, Building Services, Safety Engineering, Supply Engineering, Brewing, Beverage Technology, Food Technology, Aeronautical Engineering, Space Engineering, Plant Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Mechatronics, Systems Engineering, Laser Technology, Optoelectronics, Optical Engineering, Photonics, Engineering Physics, Country Planning, Landscape Planning, Nature Conservation Planning, Spatial Planning, Regional Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Development, Marine Engineering, Nautics, Ship Operation Engineering, Ship Engineering, Occupational Safety, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Relief, Disaster Prevention , Safety, Radiation Protection, Ophthalmic Optics, Biomedical Engineering, Health Technology, Hearing Technology, Medical Physics, Medical Engineering, Waste Management, Disposal Technology, Renewable Raw Materials, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection Technology, Geodesy, Surveying, Clothing Engineering, Foundry Engineering, Glass Engineering, Ceramics (Materials Engineering), Plastics Engineering, Materials Science, Metal Engineering, Paper Engineering, Textile Engineering, Materials Technology, Materials Engineering, Engineering and Management, Anthropobiology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biophysics, Botany, Human Biology, Biomedicine, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Zoology, Ecology, Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry, Nutritional Science, Domestic Science, Anthropogeography, Geography, Physical Geography, Geology, Geophysics, Geosciences, Geoecology, Hydrology, Meteorology, Mineralogy, Oceanography, Palaeontology, Applied Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Geoinformatics, Computer Science, Engineering Informatics, Media Informatics, Medical Informatics, Practical Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science, Information Systems and Management, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics, Technomathematics, Business Mathematics, Nanoanalysis, Nanochemistry, Nanoelectronics, Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Nanosciences, Neuroscience, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Pharmacy, Pharmacology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Experimental Physics, Physics, Theoretical Physics, Sustainability Sciences (Ecological), Nature Conservation, Environmental Protection, Environmental Science, Business Administration, Educational Management, Financial Management, Insurance, Hotel, Catering, Tourism, Trade and Industry, International Business Administration, Logistics, Transport, Transport Management, Marketing, Distribution, Media Management, Sustainability Sciences (Economic), Human Resource Management, Public Management, Social Management, Quality Management, Accounting, Taxation, Controlling, Sport, Event, Culture Management, Technology Management, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Business Consultancy, Business Management, Organization Management, Economics, Business and Economics Pedagogy, Economic Sciences, Economics

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