Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy - Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry Third-party funded project "GO-Bio-initial-phase-2 (BMBF)"1 position Research Assistant (m/f/d) full-time job limited to 30.05.2023 Entgeltgruppe 13 TV-L FU Reference code: Hydrogel / PepGel-9 Bewerbungsende: 24.08.2022

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The source of funding: I am a research entrepreneur working on biotech/biomedical product development and commercialization with an aim to establish a start-up in the future. My project is being funded by BMBF "Go-Bio Initial - Sondierungsphase (phase-1)" grant until November 2021, and later through "Go-Bio Initial - Machbarkeitsphase (phase- 2)" from December 2021 until November 2023. I am currently looking for a chemist/biochemist who can assist me in the team in the Machbarkeitsphase for the success of the envisioned project. The project is being hosted at the Institute of Chemistry, Freie Universität Berlin.

Project-related information: Chronic wounds are a global health problem that severely impacts the quality of life and have devastating consequences for approximately 200 million patients. With an increased risk of infection, amputation, and mortality, they are extremely burdensome for patients, both physically and economically, and impose significant costs on healthcare systems, amounting to more than 23 billion euros per year. For effective treatment, it is important to stimulate the natural wound healing process and protect the wound site from infection. Currently, available wound care options predominantly focus on a single form of therapy, which is insufficient for effective wound healing. The goal of this project is to develop novel bioactive wound dressings based on a multifunctional, biodegradable, antimicrobial peptide hydrogel formulation. This new approach will solve the previously prevailing problems in the treatment of chronic wounds and offers significant benefits to patients. It protects the wound site from infection, reduces pain and discomfort, and speeds recovery. It leads to shorter hospital stays and reduces the associated financial burden on healthcare systems. The project will validate the safety and efficacy of the approach for further clinical trials and then develop the product to market readiness.

Job description:
• Synthesis, purification, and characterization of peptides, polymers, peptide-based hybrids, organic molecules, and/or nanomaterials/biomaterials (synthetic/organic/peptide/polymer chemistries).

• Use of analytical instruments and advanced microscopy techniques/biochemical/biophysical techniques for characterization of the compounds and nanomaterials.

• If required, assist in safety and efficacy evaluation of the products in biostudies (in vitro and in vivo) using biochemical, molecular biology, bioanalytical, advanced microscopy, and mammalian cell culture techniques. Work in bio-safety level (at an S2 level or even higher) for antimicrobial studies of the compounds as per the needs of the project.

• Undertake scientific communications in German and English, both written and oral as per the needs of the project.

• PhD in chemistry/medicinal chemistry/biochemistry/biotechnology/pharmacy/material science/bioengineering or related fields

• Experience in peptide chemistry/polymer chemistry/organic synthesis, drugs/organic molecules/nanomaterial/biomaterial synthesis characterization, synthetic chemistry/analytical chemistry.

• Experience (industrial experience preferred) in research and development of chemical/biotechnology products, either in synthesis and/or characterization, and/or in their efficacy evaluation in in vitro and in vivo models, especially for skin-based products


• Publications in international peer-review scientific journals.

• Entrepreneurial passion and strategic vision.

• Ability to communicate in German (preferably more than B2 level) and English very effectively, both written and oral.

For further information, please contact Dr. Chaitanya Thota (

/ +4915214135298).

Applications should be sent by e-mail together with relevant documents, quoting the reference code ("PepGel-9") in PDF format (only as a single document), to Dr. Chaitanya Kumar Thota: . Also include certificates of PhD, proofs of language proficiency tests and reference letters (if available).

On the given occasion and for the duration of the essential on-site operations by Freie Universität Berlin, we kindly ask you to apply electronically by e-mail.

Freie Universität Berlin

Department of Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Third-party funded project "GO-Bio-initial-phase-2 (BMBF)".

Mr. Dr. Chaitanya Thota (Project leader)

Arnimallee 22

14195 Berlin (Dahlem)

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