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Location: Heidelberg, BADEN W RTTEMBERG

Job description:

Neural progenitor cells undergo tens of thousands of cell divisions to generate the 80 billion neurons in a human brain. Mild gene malfunction occurring to a low number of neurons is sufficient to impair the neuron network and lead to brain malfunctions. Our mission is to understand the role of DNA breaks in somatic mosaicism. To this end, we are developing multiple projects to address neuronal cell genome heterogeneity, in vivoDNA break landscape, and fragile site genome biology. Our final goal is to identify disease-driven risk factors that disturb the homeostasis of physiological DNA lesion in the developing brain. 

Our specific interest is to uncover sequence-independent factors that cause genome fragility. The available projects are: (1) to use the Machine Learning approach to predict DNA lesion from a broad spectrum of omics datasets, and (2) to build a mathematical model for large-scale genomic deletion. This position requires intensive collaboration with lab members on a variety of projects, including the initiation of a pediatric brain tumor. The successful candidate will have a substantial amount of discussion with Dr. Wei to design research projects. 

Technology used in our lab includes but not restricted to whole genome sequencing, targeted sequencing, Hi-C, 3C- or 4C-based sequencing, nascent and mature RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq, Repli-Seq, and Okazaki Fragment sequencing. 

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