57113: Student Electrical or Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Communications, Physics (f/m/x) - Electronics design and implementation for space payload: future navigation system based on optical technologies

Updated: 21 days ago

The Group of Advanced Optical Technologies of DLR’s Institute of Communications and Navigation develops experimental laser communication systems for optical data links between satellites and optical ground stations as well as demonstrator platforms for testbed system verifications. The system development covers several disciplines such as optics, physics, electronics, programming and mechanics.

The successful applicant will support our team in the research, evaluation, testing and integration of electronic components for satellite communications and ranging applications. The components are tested using laboratory equipment to verify their functions and assure their compatibility with other parts of the system. A preliminary evaluation of the behavior of the components under radiation exposure and thermal cycles will also be assessed. Finally, the components shall be integrated on a high-frequency PCB, providing interfacing and communication with an FPGA and the neighboring sub-systems.

It is an excellent opportunity to work in a cutting-edge topic, gain experience on hardware integration and electronic measurement instrumentation, and improve your engineering skills.

Main activities:

  • design, assembly, testing and qualification of electronics for optical communications in space payload
  • evaluation of commercial-off-the-shelf and space-qualified devices
  • testing and characterization of analog and digital ICs together with their serial communications interfaces
  • design, integration and testing of PCBs
  • programming in Python
  • development of simulation tools (Python or Matlab) when necessary

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