52187: Student Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering or similar - Signal Quality Assessment in Optical Data Downlinks from LEO-Satellites

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Short Description:

The Optical Communications Group at DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen investigates new technologies to increase the data throughput between Satellites and Ground Stations, by employing free-space optical (FSO) links.

Such advanced technologies require sophisticated analysis of downlink signal quality to different ground-locations and under varying atmospheric conditions.

Under this topic a setup for tracking, receiving, and measuring optical satellite signals shall be optimized and utilized to perform the according measurements with dedicated LEO satellites.

The thesis can comprise the following topics:

·        Integrating and optimizing optical receiver frontends and power sensors, including programming their microcontroller firmware

·        Tracking and communication tests with various laser targets and satellites

·        Measurements of signal stability, employing cameras, power sensors, and data receivers

·        Analysis of measurement data, i.e. tracking-error, power scintillation, and received data, with emphasize on establishing channel models specifically for low link elevations.

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