Postdoctoral fellow (H/F) Molecular-level understanding of organic aerosol precursors in the...

Updated: 5 months ago
Location: Tremblay en France, LE DE FRANCE
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 16 Mar 2020

The recruited person will perform laboratory-based experiments, mainly by means of an atmospheric simulation chamber, coupled to various high-resolution mass spectrometers.

Atmospheric aerosol, a mixture of solid and liquid particles of organic and inorganic substances suspended in the air, make up less than a millionth of a percent of the atmosphere, yet they still produce a significant cooling effect on our planet and have major impacts on human health. Typically, only particles > 100 nm in diameter act as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), and therefore the components and the processes contributing to the growth of particles < 100 nm are extremely important.
However, current gaps exist between ambient observations and modelling studies when evaluating the formation rates, ambient concentrations and the spatial distribution of atmospheric particles. This is affecting our ability to described air quality and its impacts on health and climate change.
These discrepancies subsist due to a poor understanding of the physicochemical properties of these particles and on their sources in the urban environment.

The researcher will work in the CARE team (Characterisation and Remediation of pollutants, (syrcel_identifier)/CARE" of the Institute of Researches on Catalysis and Environment of LYON (IRCELYON). This academic laboratory located in Villeurbanne (France) is the largest one in Europe devoted to heterogeneous catalysis. The CARE group is focus on environmental topics.

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