Post-doctoral fellowship in organic chemistry or physical chemistry of thin films

Updated: 12 months ago
Location: Strasbourg, ALSACE
Deadline: 13 Jul 2018

Functional materials are predicted to have an enormous impact on many aspects of society, including next generation health care and energy-related technologies. For example, enzyme-based electrodes represent an important class of biosensors where byproducts of the enzymatic reaction with the analyte are detected electrochemically. Bottom-up approaches, using self-assembly principles, are increasingly considered to be the most appropriate routes for the development of enzymatic biosensors. Recently, we developed the concept of morphogenic self-construction of films, whose buildups are triggered by the presence of ions, the morphogens, generated electrochemically at the substrate.

In this project, we propose to develop new synthetic molecules and methods based on electrochemistry to immobilize covalently an enzyme on an electrode for the development of enzymatic biosensors and biofuelcells.

Depending on the profil of the candidate (organic chemist or physical chemist of macromolecules), the project will be focused on the organic synthesis of the molecules or the electrochemical immobilization of enzyme.

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