Post-doc: Synthesis of mechanophores for incorporation into polymers (M/W)

Updated: 4 months ago
Location: Paris 05, LE DE FRANCE
Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 17 Mar 2020

- synthesis of new mechanophores
- Supervision of the Incorporation of mechanophores in elastomers by PhD students
- Supervision of polymer chemistry aspects of the team.
- Mechanical testing and optical detection after breakage of materials
- Teamwork on the ERC project led by Costantino Creton

The role of this position will be to develop applications for the use of anthracene-based fluorophore molecules in the detection of damage in materials. This is the core of the recently EU-funded ERC-POC project Fluodamage within the SIMM laboratory.

The position is part of the Soft Polymer Network team and the ERC project on the detection of chemical bond breakage through the incorporation of fuorophores. The position also requires supervision of thesis and master's students and responsibility for the synthesis activities of the team. It will be at the ESPCI Paris in the SIMM laboratory

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