University Lecturer in Aesthetics

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Deadline: 20 Mar 2024

The Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, invites applications for the position of


for a permanent appointment as of 1 August 2024, or as agreed.

There is a six-month trial period for the position, which is located at the Department of Philosophy, History and Art Studies.

The duties of the university lecturer include the provision of teaching in aesthetics in the Bachelor’s and Master’s Programmes in Art Studies, research, the supervision of bachelor's thesis writers in particular, as well as the examination of theses. The appointee will also supervise master’s and doctoral theses. The appointee will contribute to the planning and organisation of teaching in aesthetics, as well as other administrative duties.

Aesthetics has two focus areas: the philosophy of art and environmental aesthetics. In aesthetics, the aim is to provide a diverse range of teaching on the aesthetic problematics of both art and other aspects of culture, as well as the environment. The research profile of the study track encompasses both Anglo-American philosophical aesthetics and continental phenomenology.

Aesthetics is a popular minor subject, so the students also include those outside the Faculty of Arts. The university lecturer is expected to provide teaching on the basics, history, theory and methods of research in aesthetics. Broad-based expertise in aesthetics and versatile teaching skills, as well as collaboration with other disciplines in art studies, are considered an asset.

The appointee is expected to have research qualifications and experience in university teaching in either the philosophy of art or the field of environmental aesthetics. Experience in academic administration is considered an asset.

Successful completion of the duties associated with the position requires, in particular, good interaction and cooperation skills, meaning the ability to teach together with other teachers and work in research groups. The university lecturer will actively contribute to degree programme development and the planning of teaching in collaboration with colleagues at the department and the degree programmes. Experience of similar duties is considered an asset.

Requirements for the position and assessment of qualifications

According to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, appointees to university lectureships must hold an applicable doctoral degree and have the ability to provide high-quality research-based teaching and supervise theses (usually written in Finnish).

When assessing the qualifications of applicants, attention will be paid to scholarly publications and other research results of scholarly value, teaching experience and pedagogical training, the ability to produce learning materials, other teaching merits and, if necessary, a teaching demonstration.

Pursuant to the Government Decree on Universities (770/2009), appointees to teaching and research positions at the University must be proficient in the language in which they provide instruction, i.e., Finnish or Swedish. The language of instruction in the present position is Finnish. To successfully attend to the duties of the position, the appointee must also have satisfactory skills in Swedish and good skills in English. Applicants from a different language background or who have not been educated in Finnish or Swedish may be exempted from the requirement for Swedish skills without a separate application. Further information on language skills and the demonstration of language proficiency is available on the University website .

If the applicant is a foreign citizen, a non-native Finnish citizen or a citizen who has not been educated in Finnish or Swedish, they may be exempted from the Finnish and Swedish language requirement of the Government Decree on Universities without a separate application. However, a foreign citizen or a non-native Finnish citizen appointed to a teaching or research position is expected to acquire a reasonable level of proficiency in Finnish within a reasonable period of time. Within three years of taking up the position, the appointee must be able to teach in Finnish and at least to set and mark examinations and read theses in Swedish.

What we offer

The University of Helsinki offers the appointee a first-class research and teaching environment as well as the conditions required for international cooperation ( ).

The salary for the position will be based on levels 5–7 of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research staff in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal performance. The appointee’s gross annual salary will range from €42,000 to €56,000, depending on their previous experience and qualifications. The position includes a six-month trial period.

The University of Helsinki provides its staff with occupational health and fitness services as well as professional development opportunities ( ). International staff are supported in relocating to Finland ( ).

Application instructions

Applications must be accompanied with PDF files containing the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae and doctoral degree certificate
  • A free-form statement of a maximum of five (5) pages (for example, a university portfolio) on the applicant's teaching qualifications
  • A free-form statement of a maximum of three (3) pages (for example, a university portfolio) on the applicant's scientific activities, including acquired research funding
  • A free-format description (max. 2 pages) of the applicant’s plan for developing teaching and research in aesthetics in relation to other disciplines in art studies 
  • List of publications

Further information about academic portfolios is available on our website .

Other attachments, such as letters of recommendation or certificates, are not required at this point.

Candidates from outside the University must apply through the University’s recruitment system by clicking on ‘Apply now‘. Candidates with a user account and a valid employment contract or a contract for grant-funded researchers, visiting researchers or visiting professors at the University of Helsinki must apply by clicking on ‘Employee login‘.

 The closing date for applications is 20th of March 2024 at 23.59 (local Helsinki time).

The University of Helsinki is committed to promoting equality and preventing discrimination in all its operations. We welcome applicants from a variety of gender identities, linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 

Further information about the position is available from Professor Arto Haapala, ([email protected]), and about the recruitment process, from HR Specialist Reeta Korhonen, (hr-humtdk(at)

The Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki is the oldest and the largest humanities teaching and research unit in Finland in terms of its disciplinary structure and range of subjects. It is also a major international research, education and cultural community.

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