A Professor position, in the field of sports and exercise medicine

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Job Type: FullTime
Deadline: 29 Nov 2020

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences  is currently seeking candidates for a Professor position,in the field of sports and exercise medicine, from 1 March 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter.  

Education and research in sport sciences in Finland are concentrated at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences of the University of Jyväskylä. There are two main lines of study at the Faculty: Sport Sciences and Health Sciences. Links between physical activity and health as well as promotion of exercise and health are viewed from a multidisciplinary perspective with the improvement of health, functional ability and wellbeing across the human lifespan as the key aim. An important national responsibility of the Faculty is teacher education in sport and health sciences. Research at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciencesis a central part of the University’s denoted core research field of exercise, health and well-being.

Education in sports and exercise medicine focuses on the effects and risks of exercise in disease prevention, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the dosing and programming of safe and effective exercise for people with different illnesses. Acquisition of knowledge in sports and exercise medicine, critical evaluation of knowledge and research methods and their application, as well as internships are key elements in deepening expertise in education. Education in sports and exercise medicine provides good skills to work in research tasks of the field and as health-promoting sports experts in planning, development and administrative tasks, e.g. at different  levels and in different organizations in the health and sports sector.

The purpose of sports and exercise medicine is to study the various links between exercise and disease, and thus to contribute to the promotion of human health and well-being. a key goal of sports and exercise medicine research projects is to increase knowledge about the effects of exercise on disease prevention and treatment. The study focuses on both the benefits and disadvantages of exercise. Research is divided into five overlapping entities according to the approach: Epidemiological studies; intervention studies; studies on genetic and molecular mechanisms; systematic reviews and meta-analyzes as well as research related to the development of research methods /equipment.

The professor's task is to lead and develop the education of sports and exercise medicine and the research of the connections between exercise and health. The position requires a wide range of expertise in how exercise and sports are related to the onset of various diseases and the risk of injury. The candidate should have experience of how exercise and sport can be carried out safely so that it prevents diseases and also of how exercise treatments can be implemented in patients with various diseases. 

The person selected for the position is expected to conduct independent research, which taps on the research infrastructure at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences and networks of the field. Also active contribution to the development of the research area, supervising dissertations and theses, development of multidisciplinary research activities and acquiring research funding based on quality. We are seeking primarily a specialist in sports and exercise medicine, as the person selected for the position is expected to bring diverse sports medicine expertise to the teaching and research work of the entire faculty.

The duties, qualification requirements and language skills of Senior Lecturer are stipulated by the University of Jyväskylä Regulations and language skills guidelines.  The selected person is required to have a command of Finnish language. In certain cases, the University may grant exemption from this requirement. A good command of English language and an ability to teach in English are regarded as advantageous for the applicant. 

Salaries are based on the job demands and employees’ personal performance in accordance with the Finnish University Salary System. A holiday bonus is paid to all employees.

For further information, please contact Dean, Professor Ari Heinonen, ari.o.heinonen@jyu.fi , +358408053551 or Head of administration Heikki Herva, heikki.herva@jyu.fi , +358504432400.

Following documents must be included in English in PDF format to the electronic recruiting system: 

1)     CV composed according to good scientific practice and considering, when possible, the template for researcher´s curriculum vitae of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity (TENK) (see: http://www.tenk.fi/sites/tenk.fi/files/CV_english_270613.pdf ),

2)     A numbered list of publications covering the applicant’s the scientific and other publications according to the instructions of the Academy of Finland (see: https://www.aka.fi/en/research-funding/apply-for-funding/how-to-apply-for-funding/az-index-of-application-guidelines2/list-of-publications/ ),

3)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation of the applicant’s research activities, merits in scientific work and supervision of research including acquisition of supplement funding and  responsibilities in externally funded research projects,

4)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation of the applicant’s pedagogical training and teaching merits (see: https://www.jyu.fi/en/workwithus/academic-career/teaching-portfolio ),

5)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation of the applicant’s international activities and experience in societal interaction,

6)  A maximum of ten publications, which must be numbered according to the list of publications (and fixed to a one pdf file). 

7)  Short (2-3 pages) explanation how the applicant intends to develop the research and education of the field at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences.

Please submit your application at the latest on Sunday, November 29th   2020 using the online application form.  

At the University of Jyväskylä, everyone can find their place in the human-centred environment of 2,500 experts and 14,500 students. Our goal is to create wisdom and wellbeing for us all. It is essential that each member of the community thrives and has opportunities to develop and grow. The dialogue between research, education and society is our driving force. We cherish this balance between research and education and work to promote open thinking. We cultivate the skills, knowledge and passion needed to live wisely for the benefit of humanity. Our naturally beautiful campus is located at the heart of the city of Jyväskylä. JYU is the third largest employer in Central Finland.

We offer a wide range of staff benefits, such as occupational health care, flexible working hours, excellent sports facilities on campus and several restaurants and cafés on campus with staff discounts. Finland provides one of the most advanced and comprehensive social security in the world. It includes for example sickness benefits, various family benefits and a comprehensive healthcare system.

Finland has a high standard of living, with free schooling (also in English), affordable childcare, good family benefits, and healthcare. Jyväskylä is located in central Finland in the Finnish lakeland, and has excellent opportunities for different nature, outdoor, and sports activities. The city of Jyväskylä is a major educational center and the city has a large student population. As such there is a vibrant cultural scene in the city.To find useful information about the University of Jyväskylä, the City of Jyväskylä and living in Finland, see the University's International Staff Guide .

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