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Deadline: 02 Jul 2019

Interesting challenges and a unique vantage point to national and international research and education.


4-8 Senior Researchers (recent postdocs or equivalent) to the INVEST Research Flagship Center for a fixed term from 1.9.2019 to 31.7.2021.

The INVEST Research Flagship Center (http://invest.utu.fi/ ), located at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Turku, is recruiting 4-8 senior researchers (recent postdocs or equivalent).

The research flagship Inequalities, Interventions, and New Welfare State (INVEST) aims at providing a new model for the welfare states that is more equal, better targeted to problem groups, more anticipatory as well as economically and socially sustainable. The existing research indicates that the Nordic welfare states are efficient in reducing the negative outcomes that are related to many of the structural family disadvantages, such as parental low education, unemployment or poverty. Despite this, children and youth are still particularly vulnerable when negative life course events take place unexpectedly or when many disadvantages accumulate to the same families. The growth environments can strengthen these negative effects.  

The flagship has been funded by the Academy of Finland and is implemented in cooperation with the University of Turku and the Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). The multidisciplinary project combines sociology, social policy, demography, psychology and psychiatry, in addition to the other connected fields of sciences.

The persons chosen to the positions will work in the teams of Jani Erola, Marika Jalovaara, and Mirkka Danielsbacka & Antti Tanskanen. The research to be conducted will be linked to one or more of the following topics:

  • inequalities across generations and over the life-course

  • the influence of policies and welfare services on social inequalities

  • social experiments and interventions

  • perinatal health and transitions to adulthood

  • changes in fertility and childlessness

  • family dynamics (partnerships, childbearing) and their links to social inequalities

  • intergenerational family support

  • evolutionary approaches to intergenerational ties

The researchers will participate to the work conducted in the research groups, collaborate with other researchers in the program and apply further funding for their own research.

The persons chosen to the position are expected to have a) a PhD in sociology, demography or in a field related to the topic (or expected to acquire such a degree within six months), b) strong skills in quantitative methods and experience on using register, panel, survey or comparative datasets, c) the ability to conduct independent scholarly work and publish research on the topics related to the project.

The persons to be chosen to the positions are expected to begin in their employment in 1st  September 2019 at the earliest, 1st  December latest. Contracts will last until 31th August 2021, with an option for extension.

The salary is in accordance with the University salary system for teaching and research personnel levels 4–6 where the work-specific salary component is between 2507,62–3386,00 euro/month. The component based on personal performance adds a maximum of 50 % to this salary.

There will be a trial period of six months.

The application should include a) a motivation letter describing the applicant’s own research interests in the field and how they relate to the project, b) an academic portfolio, c) a CV, d) a list of publications, e) a copy of the PhD thesis (or if not yet defended, the manuscript and a statement from the supervisor on the expected date of defending the thesis) and f) two writing samples (articles or manuscripts) on topics related to the project.

The appendices should follow the guidelines of the faculty.  The electronic database allows the applicant to submit only one application file to each application section. Information on the file forms to be used can be found in the additional information of each application. Please note that the database only allows the publications to be submitted in a packaged form (.zip). One .zip-file may include several individual files.

The eligibility criteria for the positions  are defined in the rules of procedure of the University of Turku https://www.utu.fi/sites/default/files/public%3A//media/file/Utu_Rules_of_Procedure.pdf (section 37).

Further details are available upon request according each research topic:

  • Professor Jani Erola, +358 29 450 2157, jani.erola@utu.fi : inequalities across generations and over the life-course; the influence of policies and welfare services on social inequalities; social experiments and interventions; perinatal health and transitions to adulthood

  • Academy Research Fellow Marika Jalovaara, +358 40 587 9826, marika.jalovaara@utu.fi : changes in fertility and childlessness; family dynamics and their links to social inequalities

  • Senior Researchers Mirkka Danielsbacka & Antti Tanskanen,  +358 40 589 3980, antti.tanskanen@utu.fi : intergenerational family support, evolutionary approaches to intergenerational ties

Any Inquiries about recruitment process or e-recruitmet system will be answered by HR-Specialist Kati Nurminen, kati.nurminen@utu.fi .

Applications must be submitted by 2th of July, 2019 (23:59) using the electronic application form of the University of Turku on the following address: http://www.utu.fi/en/university/come-work-with-us/open-vacancies/Pages/home.aspx  The link to the application system is at the beginning of this announcement (Apply for the job). 

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